If companies select the right data room, it will be a great way to store and share documentation. However, not all data rooms are made equal, and some offer an array of features than others. When making a comparison, be sure to take a look at the security features offered by the data room and its pricing policies. Some providers offer additional services like training or consulting to help you start using your VDR.

Traditional data rooms have a history of supporting the M&A process and some even offer industry-specific functionalities, storage capabilities, and consulting services to aid in the successful completion of transactions. These services are generally more expensive than those provided by other data rooms.

Virtual Data Rooms that can be Easily to Use

Certain vendors are trying to get into the market using intuitive virtual data rooms, like Safelink which lets users upload documents in bulk and also provides an index and directory listing for easy organization. Other features include customizable permission levels as well as granular control over document viewing, and two-factor authentication. Safelink also has an exclusive feature called Document Insights. This feature allows users to add notes straight onto documents, and then automatically formatted them for presentation in reports.

iDeals, Datasite and other VDRs are also renowned for their user-friendliness. Both are highly rated and regarded as reliable by large organizations such as Deloitte, Toyota and others for their white-labeling. However, some users have criticised their ideals or venue which virtual data room suits your investment banking deals reliability.