As a critical security tool data encryption is a key security technology that helps ensure that data is authentic and has not been altered. Data encryption algorithms convert plaintext to encrypted text that can only be decoded with the decryption keys. In addition, data encryption is a way to prevent malicious or accidental data corruption as it is transmitted between systems and storage locations.

IBM foster teamwork and productivity with secure collaboration offers a variety of data encryption technologies that can help protect your company’s sensitive data. Our solutions include database and file encryption, data at rest encryption for cloud and on-premises environments, as well as secure key management systems. Our solutions help you achieve your compliance and data security goals while reducing costs and complexity.

Data encryption at rest is important since more employees work remotely. It helps to protect information from unauthorized access, such as lost or stolen equipment, password sharing, and permissions granting. It also helps reduce the impact of ransomware attacks, malware infections and remote data deletion.

In order to implement a successful plan for data encryption, you need to start with a robust and flexible solution, and later deploy it throughout your organization. The ideal data encryption software should be transparent, so that it is able to decrypt data without human intervention. It should also be able to provide high-quality encryption standards that are resistant to attacks such as cryptoanalysis and side-channel attacks. The solution must be scalable to accommodate the growing volume of data and be user-friendly to minimize the impact on productivity of employees. You must also manage the encryption keys to shield them from phishing, social engineering, and other attacks.