A virtual data room is a secure platform for sharing files. It can also include an archive for long-term storage and also lets users collaborate on documents at the same time. It https://clickvdr.com/common-virtual-data-room-features/ provides a variety of security features, including password protection audit logs, file version control.

Typically, companies that are involved in M&A due-diligence employ a VDR. This could involve sharing many sensitive data with the other party and it is important to keep track of who has accessed which data and when. A VDR with a solid management system and retention policy will protect against data breaches and can quickly revoke the access of those who no longer need it.

Other features that are important include an efficient search engine that can find data in large documents and display text snippets from these documents when it displays search results. This lets users quickly identify the right files and open them. Document annotations allow multiple users to add notes and other comments to the same document. This makes it easy to share annotations with other users.

Another useful feature is the ability to rapidly redact a single image, paragraph or a section of a document so that private information is not displayed to anyone who does not have a need to view it. VDRs also allow for automatic watermarks that display the user’s name, IP address and the date and time when a document was downloaded or viewed. This is particularly useful when you must comply with regulatory compliance requirements such as HIPAA GDPR, HIPAA or CCPA.